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Richard Kidd, CEo

After twenty plus years as a director/producer in filmed entertainment, Richard formed Perilous Orbit to work on VR/AR projects that push the limits of these burgeoning technologies. Perilous Orbit’s first project SportsBar VR (formerly Pool Nation VR) was a smash VR hit for HTC’s Vive on Steam. It was also released on Playstation VR at launch and on Oculus Home at Oculus Touch launch. In addition to SportsBar VR, Richard oversees Perilous Orbit’s new technology and content development.

Having pioneered the use of many technologies that are now used everyday in digital effects, such as motion capture, fully computer generated people, cyber scanning, digital water and virtual sets, Richard has expertise providing solutions to previously unsolved problems in the digital entertainment industry.

In his early career, Richard spent seven years managing and supervising visual effects work and teams in the entertainment industry. He formed and oversaw the team that generated all of the ocean water in James Cameron's Academy Award winning Titanic. He was then hired to work with the Wachowskis to design and breakdown the visual effects for 1999's visually stunning The Matrix. Richard took on the role of Digital Effects Supervisor on Robert Zemeckis' Castaway and What Lies Beneath and managed an effects budget in excess of $12 million while supervising a team of sixty artists, engineers, and software developers to produce some of the film industry's highest quality digital effects.

Richard went out on his own in 2000. Since then he has worked with some of today’s top directors and producers, including Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Wyck Godfrey, Grant Heslov, Catherine Hardwicke, Rupert Wainwright, Marcus Nispel, Martha Fiennes, Joseph Kahn, & Paul Hunter. Given his extensive background in digital media, Richard has consulted on five different continents helping organizations build top production facilities and instructional institutions.

Richard is a former member of the Visual Effects Society Board of Directors and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects Advisory Board. He has lectured on visual effects and film making at UCLA, the American Film Institute, The Art Institute of Los Angeles, University of Florida, as well as for the Entertainment Industry Development Council. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for Digital Worlds graduate program at the University of Florida.